The Beginning

Intro – What’s this site?

First of all, thank you so much for coming and welcome to this space!
But...what's this "space"?

Called "It's me Guto", a horrible-made-by-myself pun that links the famous phrase from our worldwide known plumber Mario!

Super Mario 64, 1996.

A space full of day-dreams, experiences, and experiments from someone (in the case, me!) that:

  • Rent and pay monthly to live in a fixed place but still waking up every morning dreaming about to be every day in a different city from the world;
  • Bachelor in Information Systems and oriented by data, numbers, and all that evolves exact sciences but with that lookup for the psychological meaning in every number and fact;

My agreement with all of you is to have at least two posts every month:

  1. One developed by me related to any topic that will always have much information and, always that possible, try to translate these facts/numbers/data in information to you with some experience or result from an experiment that I've been running.
    These posts could be useful to help in some way.
  2. The second one and probably most challenging will be to give voice to other people that do incredible works/things but don't have a place to share these things.

"And from where this idea has born?"

- Anxious like who has born in a seven-month gestation (and it's a truth!), one of my favorites hobbies is to write and give words to my overthinking mind. With this, my curiosity to know how these things of creating a domain, hosting a website, understand the analytics of the sites, and all the other features, so, here's an initiative beginning.

Barbosa, Augusto - July, 2020

We're going to share content related to technology, engineering, agile, management, data, photos, music, and much much more!

Now, finishing this introductory part, it's also important to highlight that it's just the first release and we are going to build together this galaxy and aligning the orbit of this planet full of ideas and sharings, always counting with your feedback!

Please, feel really free and comfortable to bring questions/feedbacks/suggestions.
You can also do it at the bottom of the page by inserting one comment or ping me through one of my social media (links and more details on the right menu!)

That's it for now and...

"Let's-a go!"
- Bros, Mario - Nintendo, 1985