It's me, Guto!

Grateful for all the opportunities that life gives me. Focused on continuous learning about everything, being a better person, and help everyone that it’s by my side in their journey.

This one it’s me, Guto!

Name: Augusto César Martins Barbosa
Age: 28 years
Location: Portugal

I am working as an Agile Coach at Farfetch helping teams and individuals in their development being software or personal ones.
Also always trying to find the psychological and personal aspect in each number or result;

I’m also one (even more) happy guy when:

  • talk about technology and all stuff related, like video games, space shuttles, data, innovations, etc.
  • listen to music (can’t remember one day that I spent without listening to any music);
  • plan and share experiences about trips;
  • enjoy, if possible with beer, every moment with my family and/or friends
  • play sports and have fun on open-air atmospheres;